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Create excitement and loyalty with your best customers


Are you in regular contact with your customers?

Are you sending your customers informative, professional and dynamic email messages on a regular basis? When done correctly, email marketing is a cost-effective way to earn repeat business and get referrals from your customers.

All of our email marketing programs are opt-in and follow all spam regulations. Using permission-based email marketing, we first ask the visitors on your website to sign-up for your newsletter. Next we create an email in HTML that matches your website design, and we partner with you to create useful and captivating content.

We maintain your mailing list, including making it easy for readers to unsubscribe. We also track the number of click-throughs so we can make improvements to the advertising content of the newsletter.

We know many of our clients have been meaning to send out newsletters themselves. However, if it’s been months (or years) since you’ve sent your customers a message, it is  time to consider partnering with Lynks Web Services.

Remember, if you’re not in communication with your clients, someone else may be.

Email Marketing is

  • Informative, attractive email messages for your clients
  • Easy to get started
  • An effective way build loyalty and excitement with your best customers
  • Less expensive than printed mail campaigns

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